Weaving Looms Production Line for Hexagonal Steel Wire Mesh Nets

We supply hexagonal wire machine designed to produce at least 400 meters of hexagonal hole wire mesh per hour, featuring safe and easy control for workers. Hexagonal wire can be used for chicken wire, poultry netting and gabions fabrication.

The weaving machines are of horizontal design, with adoptation of straight-reverse twisted principle, the work fficiency is greatly increased.

 We also provide fittings for weaving machines and thread spool machine.

The mesh models produced can be:  1/2",  5/8",  3/4",  1",  11/4",  11/2",  2",  3",  80x100mm or at the customer's requirement.

Light Type Hex Netting Machine for Producing Hex Mesh Fence and Chicken Wire:

Weaving Machine of Hexagonal Chicken Wire Mesh for Poultry and Fencing Uses

Machines designed to produce light type hexagonal netting with galvanized low carbon steel wires, suitable for stuctural, heat insulation, chicken and poultry netting, and fencing and reinforcing applications.

Features and Benefits of Hexagonal Mesh Machines for Chicken Wire Manufacture:
1, Max. speed can be 65 mesh per minute, speed can be adjusted with different raw materials.
2, Smooth operation, low noise. It will give an alarm at broken wire, broken mesh or at preset length.
3, Big width. It can weave double 1.25 m or single 2.5 m width.
4, Even and flat openings, wire can be added at any spot when weaving.5, It has clutch brake
device, can move by spot, flexible operation and has no high demand for operating personnel.
6, Reliable lubrication and convenient use.
7, Durable and strong, convenient maintenance.

Light Type Machine Models:

Machine Specification:

Model Theoretic production speed Outer size(mm) Gross weight(T)
mesh/minute meter/hour
HX-3/4" 38 62 4500x2200x1450 4.6
HX-5/8" 38 62 4500x2200x1450 4.6
HX-1/2" 38 62 4500x2200x1450 4.6
HX-1" 38 62 4500x2200x1450 4.6
HX-1 1/4"" 38 66 4500x2200x1450 4.6
HX-1 1/2" 38 99 4500x2200x1450 4.6
HX-2" 38 131 4500x2200x1450 4.6
HX-3" 38 169 4500x2200x1450 4.6

Mesh Specifications with Machine:

Type Mesh opening Max. width (mm) Woven Mesh Max. wire dia.(mm)
single width double width
HX-3/4" 19 2440 1200 1.2
HX-5/8" 16 2440 1200 1.2
HX-1/2" 13 2440 1200 1.2
HX-1" 27 2440 1200 1.2
HX-1 1/4"" 32 2440 1200 1.2
HX-1 1/2" 44 2440 1200 1.4
HX-2" 56 2440 1200 1.4
HX-3" 76 2440 1200 1.8

Heavy Type Hexagonal Mesh / Gabions Machine is specially used to produce the large size and heavy duty hexagonal (PVC & Galv. Plated) wire meshes for the fence and the stone gabions usage. It has nine models for three size of meshes and the maximum netting width is up to four meters. We can also supply the complete set of equipment for your whole netting workshop.

Production Line and Parts for Weaving of Gabions and Mattress

This series hexagonal wire mesh weaving machines have high efficiency in producing, easy operation and maintenance.

Models of Gabion Machine:

  Motor 3kw Width 3m(max)
Gabions Mesh Machine Efficiency 120-150m/h wire diameter 0.55-1.5mm
HR-3000MM Voltage 380v,3phase hole size 2"
Reverse twising Rate 50hz overall dimension 5.7x1x1.65m
  Weight 4.5tons    

Wire coiling machine and bobbin winding machine: Auxiliary devices.

Main parameter:

Coiling Machine serves to make wires into form of coils to be used as weft wires, on the Wire Netting Machine for purpose of producing hexagonal mesh wire.
NO. of coiling spindles: 4
Dia. of coiling shaft: 10,12,16 mm
Suitable for wire diameters: 0.38-0.90 mm
Total Weight: 350 kg

Power Required: 1.5 KW